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The ASCILITE Executive discussed using AI Text Writer Generators, so we decided to check what it would say about ASCILITE.  Using the following prompt:Robotimage

Write a blog based on ASCILITE in 500 words, using https://ascilite.org/ (ensure you use the following words: Conference, bulletin, Awards, grants, Bursaries, community mentoring program, Women in Academic Leadership, Women in Professional Leadership, CMALT, Spring into Excellence Research School, webinars, podcasts, blogs, special interest groups, TELAS, social media)

Following is the basis of this TELall Blog post that was created by ChatGTP, edited by Sue Gregory with contributions by members of the Executive.

ASCILITE: Connecting, collaborating and innovating in Technology-Enhanced Learning

ASCILITE (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education) is a community of professionals dedicated to advancing technology-enhanced learning and teaching in higher education. Founded in 1983, ASCILITE has been a leading voice in the field for over four decades, connecting educators, researchers, and practitioners across Australasia, and the wider international community.

ASCILITE offers a range of resources, services, and events to support its members in their professional development and practice. One of the key highlights of the ASCILITE calendar is its annual conference, which brings together hundreds of delegates from across the world. The conference provides a platform for sharing ideas, showcasing innovations, and engaging in critical dialogue about the latest developments in technology-enhanced learning.

In addition to the conference, ASCILITE publishes a regular bulletin to keep members up to date with the latest news and events in the field. The bulletin features articles, reports, and announcements about ASCILITE activities, as well as news and commentary from the broader community of technology-enhanced learning professionals.

ASCILITE also offers a range of awards, grants, and bursaries to support the professional development and research of its members. Also offered are the Community Mentoring Program, Women in Academic Leadership and Women in Professional Leadership mentoring programs, and the CMALT (Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology) program, which recognises individuals who have demonstrated expertise in the field of learning technology.

ASCILITE’s Spring into Excellence Research School provides an opportunity for early career researchers to develop their skills and knowledge in technology-enhanced learning research, while its webinars, podcasts, and blogs offer insights and perspectives on key issues and trends in the field.

Special interest groups (SIGs): Open Educational Practice; Transforming Assessment; Learning Analytics; Learning Design; Mobile Learning; TELedvisors; and Business Education, bring together members with a shared interest in particular aspects of technology-enhanced learning, fostering collaboration and innovation in these areas. ASCILITE also has a strong presence on social media, providing a platform for members to connect, share ideas, and engage in discussions. The ASCILITE Technology Enhanced Learning Accreditation Standards (TELAS) framework informs and assures the quality of online learning environments in tertiary education through development process with a set of internationally benchmarked accreditation standards, criteria and performance measures informing the basis for assessing, assuring, certifying and recognising the quality of online learning throughout the tertiary sector.

Overall, ASCILITE plays a vital role in promoting and advancing technology-enhanced learning and teaching in higher education. Through its diverse range of resources, services, and events, ASCILITE supports its members in their professional development and practice, fosters collaboration and innovation across the community, and contributes to the ongoing development of the field. If you are interested in technology-enhanced learning, ASCILITE is a community that you should consider joining. Please see: https://ascilite.org/ for more information.

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