ASCILITE SIG events at the 2018 conference

By Chris Campbell, Griffith University

This year’s ASCILITE 2018 conference is shaping up to be another exceptional event and ASCILITE Special Interest Groups are actively involved in this year’s conference program.  ASCILITE now has seven ASCILITE SIGs, which include the:

  • Digital Equity SIG
  • Learning Analytics SIG
  • Learning Design SIG
  • Mobile Learning SIG
  • Open Educational Practices SIG
  • TELedvisors SIG
  • Transforming Assessment SIG

The leaders of the SIGs and their members have been busy over the past year and so at this year’s conference there may be several SIG related events of interest to those attending the conference. These include workshops, symposiums, and lunchtime meetings. This blog post outlines the events that are being conducted.

First up, on Sunday at 9am, the Learning Analytics SIG will be conducting a workshop called Integrating learning analytics and learning design: Smooth sailing or a rough journey. Join the SIG leaders, Sakinah Alhadad, Hazel Jones, Linda Corrin and Cassandra Colvin in a thought provoking workshop (cost is $70) which includes a networking lunch.

On Monday afternoon the Open Educational Practices SIG will have a panel session called The dimensions of being open: What does open educational practices look like in Australia? This is being conducted by several of the SIG team. Then on Tuesday morning, bright and early at 8am will be the Open Educational Practices (OEP) SIG meeting which includes a yummy free breakfast. The SIG leaders, Adrian Stagg and Carina Bossu have a lovely agenda set up for this breakfast meeting. Registration is available through the conference website.

Tuesday lunchtime (12:45pm to 1:45pm) has several SIG meetings where members and non-members can attend various sessions so even if you are not a member of a SIG,  you are welcome to get your lunch and go along and attend any of these sessions.  These include:

Learning Analytics SIG:
Informal Conversation (Hazel Jones)
Learning Design SIG:
Planning Meeting (Leanne Cameron)
Mobile Learning SIG:
Symposium: Critical perspectives on Mobile Mixed Reality (Thomas Cochrane, Vickel Narayan, Todd Stretton, Claudio Aguayo, James Birt, Michael Cowling, Robert Fitzgerald, David Sinfield, Stephen Aiello, Sally Britnell and Stuart Cook)
TEL-edvisors SIG:
Meet-up and new members welcome (Colin Simpson, Chie Adachi)

The symposium being conducted by the Mobile Learning SIG in this lunch time session looks very interesting as do the other events at this time. If you aren’t a member of the SIG you are welcome to get your lunch and go along and attend any of these sessions.

The Digital Equity SIG have two sessions at the conference. One is a panel session Digital Equity: Not just an ‘add on’ but business as usual on Tuesday afternoon, and then finally, on Wednesday the Digital Equity SIG have a session acknowledging World Access to Higher Education day. Keep your eye out for a SIG game that will be available to everyone – information is near the registration table at the conference.

Some SIGs may also be participating in the dine around option on the Monday night. Please check out for SIG specific information about these events.

Prior to the conference, the Transforming Assessment SIG will be conducting an e-Exam Symposium on Saturday 24 November in Melbourne at Monash University Caulfield campus. The registration cost is $195 and this can be done at this link:

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 conference in Geelong from the 26th November to the 28th November.

ASCILITE 2018 Program

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